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Introduction of Annular Cutters

DIC Tools is a leading Annular Cutters Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in various countries. These are using in metal manufacturing industries, heavy industries, and mechanical processing industries. Annular Cutters are made with special purpose tungsten carbide tips that reduce damage of tip and better endurance. These Cutters are also known as Core Drill, Broach Cutter.Continue reading “Introduction of Annular Cutters”

Carbide Threading Taps

DIC Tools is a Carbide Threading Taps Supplier and Exporter in various countries, which provides better rigidity than high-speed quality. These taps are made from ultra-fine grade carbide with high cobalt content binder. These combinations of carbide grade taps with the advanced coating are ideal for tapping at high speeds and ensure unsurpassed productivity. CarbideContinue reading “Carbide Threading Taps”

Carbon Threading Taps

DIC Tools is a Carbon Threading Taps Supplier and Exporter in various countries. Carbon Threading Taps for high volume production were limited to materials such as brass, bronze, and high silicon aluminum where abrasions were the cause of tool wear. Carbon threading taps are designed for general purpose hand tapping operations where ground thread accuracyContinue reading “Carbon Threading Taps”

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